It is 1932, the world looks just like then with corruption, blood and prohibition in the USA. But there is a small twist. The cybernetics are common. The police officer that walks along the street is having a cybernetic eye and ear, so he can much faster notice a crime. The Gangster has a Tommy Gun hidden in his hand and while driving his classic car he shots the enemies of his mafia boss using it. Why this happened? Why everything stands on its head? There is no answer, because we want to have fun, not a serious game. Every try at creating coherent world history where Thomas Alfa Edison was the first cybernetic scientist would fall apart sooner or later. Why then make trouble for ourselves? Lets have some fun in the style of the old crime novels and world where everything is black and white except for morality which is at best gray. This is KyberNoir to be released later in 2013.

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